Friday Farewell

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Well friends, tomorrow morning Billy and I, along with two friends, are getting up bright and early and heading to good ol’ dirty jerz to pick up a rental car (tip to new yorkers: rent a car in new jersey for muchmuchMUCH cheaper rates!) and make a sweet mini road trip to Ohio (Cleveland, Hudson, Columbus, and Lancaster) where everyone has family in (Except me, but I suppose I could call Billys family mine too).

I’ll return Wednesday with hopefully lots of fantastic photos. I’m making it a point to put my old pentax to good use.

Thank the little baby jesus I have today off to do things like laundry and make a trip to Kmart for road trip supplies, because I worked 8 hours overtime this week so I have had zero time to think about this trip. And I effing deserve today off!

Have a wonderful, wonderful Labor Day weekend, and hopefully next week I can put my head and heart into this blog a little more.