Keds Studio

After a really long time of trying and debating, I think I’ve finally found my comfy shoe to walk to work in that was always right there, staring me in the face. The shoe that went perfect with my Mikey Mouse chunky knit sweater and jean skirt on my first day of kindergarden, Keds. I tried Keep shoes, and after many blisters and bleeding and staring down at my scrawny feet suddenly looking like little bricks, I shoved them to the back of my closet. I tried on and debated 3 different types of Vans until I decided I was going to look like I was trying to match Billy too much and they still weren’t very comfy. I even bought a pair of knock-off keds at Urban Outfitters that had no brand name that lasted me maybe 2 months before completely falling apart.

So I bought a pair of navy keds, and they’re pretty fabulous, and super comfy, and I guess they should be since they’re a favorite of Grandma’s everywhere. Navy wasn’t my first choice – I wanted grey – but they don’t have grey. I went to get a photo of them of keds website and was bombarded by promos for their new project called Keds Studio, where you can design your own keds. Guess what color they have? Grey. However, it costs exactly twice as much to have your own pair of custom keds made, so I’ll stand by my navy purchase. But for fun, I made these, which maybe I’ll buy someday. I like the idea of having a pair of shoes that it’s possible for no one else to have, unless they are as talented of a keds shoe designer as I am.