My pen thing (aka slight problem)

microns, originally uploaded by rivulette.

When I was a kid my dad had a gigantic collection of pens that he would draw with. He was known in my family for his obsessively detailed drawings with thin pens and I have many fond memories of laying around in the living room listening to Pink Floyd, watching him draw with his trusty clipboard in his lap. He had a jars and jars of different kinds of pens that he used, but the one type my brother and I were not allowed to touch were the microns. Never.

As we all know, what you’re not allowed to do is usually something you get more curious about. So years and years later, I now have a crazy crazy pen problem. I am so addicted to them it’s not even funny. Thanks, dad. My favorite pen, of course, is my .005 Pigma Micron, which no one on the face of the earth is allowed to touch for fear of it wearing down. Luckily they are available at almost every art store.

So friends, here are my favorite pens and where you can buy them, online, and in NY.

If you live in New York or Seattle, I recommend you get your ass over to the Kinokuniya Japanese Bookstore, which is the holy grail of pens (and also some rad mechanical pencils). The Japanese know their damn pens like no one’s business! Andrea turned me onto the bookstore in Seattle, and when I worked at dwell the art director turned me onto the one in NY. She also turned me onto the second greatest pen in the world:

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C Pens. You can get them at jet pens online, or at Kinokuniya, and some select stationery stores. I’ve ordered from jet pens before and they also have a bunch of other great hard to find Japanese pens. When I left dwell, the art director gave me the a Cavalier version and it’s been going strong for over a year now, my favorite work pen.

For a cheap, fun pen I love Le Pen. My hot pink one is the best for hand lettering highlights. They’re usually barely over a buck and sucker me in whenever I see a color I don’t have.

Another Pilot favorite is the Razor Point, X-Fine. These are carried all over the place so that’s nice, but they do wear down quickly. Really good for every day jotting down.

So besides Kinokuniya, I’d reccomend checking out the pen selection at Paper Presentation on 18th st, and AI Friedman has a rockin’ pen section. Whenever I’m bored at lunch I saunter over there for some pen lust.

Happy penning friends, and feel free to share your favorite pens and places to buy pens (especially in NY, I’d love to be turned onto new pens) in the comment section!