Random Question

Hey guys, if you live in the Seattle area*, I need your help! My mom is selling this diamond ring she has and is having a bitch of a time because it’s a size 4 and was custom made (I know, who the eff has a ring finger that small? Not her, it’s a long story as to how she has it) Do any of you know any good jewelers that buy used pieces? Leave a comment if you know!

Also, thank you SO much for all your advice on flying! You guys are seriously the best friends a girl could have.

*according to my google analytics a lot of you are from Washington. But the biggest reader state is California. Interesting.

And because this post is so boring to some of you, please divert your attention to the cutest animal alive: the sea otter. When the sea otter makes an appearance on cuteoverload I freak out and demand Billy stop what he’s doing to come see. If you haven’t seen the South Park involving otters, you are deprived.

And then let’s say you’re a heartless bastard and hate sea otters, then you better love the new Dramatic Chipmunk, the Dramatic Kitty:

Ok I promise this post is over now. Let’s all get back to work now.