Giving Madewell 1937 a second shot

Because I was in the area at lunch today, I decided to give Madewell 1937 a second shot. My reasoning was that 1. Stores sometimes improve their second season and 2. Like their parent store, J. Crew, their aesthetic seems like a place that would have a nice, cute Fall collection. I was right. While I still feel that they shouldn’t really be marketed as a “cheap” version of J. Crew, the selection grabbed me enough to warrant possibly spending the money on something this time. Last time I thought it wasn’t worth it, this time I thought it might be. I didn’t have enough time to try anything on, but I’m definitely going back soon to do so.

Their website doesn’t do the stuff I liked best too much justice due to styling that’s style, but you get the picture. I love the corduroy skirt and this shade of blue that the sweater is above was all over the store, and it’s fantastic. I think they used a perfect color pallet and there were tons of interesting details, making things feel a little more special than their summer collection. They also had some really awesome boots.

Those not near a store can stay tuned for online shopping coming soon.