Hello, Weekend

Like ivory., originally uploaded by Olivia Bee.

Despite only have a three-day work week, I’m ridiculously excited for the weekend to be here to be incredibly lazy and NOT BE IN A CAR! I’m super sad that the Art Parade was cancelled, as New York is bracing itself for Tropical Storm Hannah (yeah right, I’m going to forget as it’s 80 and clear skies right now and will be caught in the sudden down pour like a dope), but instead there will be lots of Mad Men watching (oh good lord, it’s getting better and better!)

So stay dry, have fun, and maybe we can coax a blog post out of Andrea on the adventures in Being Pregnant? Hmm??

And, fyi, the above photo was taken by a 14 year old. I know, whoa. Check out her photos, I wish I had been doing something that amazing at that age!