TGIF…already? And, help a sista out

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It’s been kind of a craptastic week outside of my internet world (I feel like I have a split personality sometimes…one living online and one in the real world) but it went by so fast I feel like I was just writing a happy friday post yesterday.

So I’m too busy to post manita today, but I have a favor to ask. I want to reach out using magical blogger powers to see if you or anyone you know in New York makes music and is interesting in collaborating with me (I sing). I am incredibly open to what type of music and what instruments would be involved, but I sing folky-like stuff and have pretty exstentive experience singing jazz. This is something that I lost from my life when I moved to NY and I need to make this happen again. It feels like putting a naked picture of myself on the internet to do this, but I sang in this band in Seattle (the recordings turned out awful and should not have that much reverb or make me sound so whispery and the violin sounds horrid) and here’s a more recent example of me singing with my brother, who I sadly live very far away from because he’s a musical genius. Again, I might have a panic attack on my way home about putting those online, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m looking for someone who writes music, or is interested in just having fun doing covers, and needs someone to sing or sing with them.

ANYWAY! please contact me (katemiss at if you have any leads. Finding someone via craigslist is kind of my last resort as I have visions of creepy men.

Thanks friends, and have a wonderful weekend.