Apparently October is Celebration Month?

me, right after moving here

Today marks my third anniversary of living in NY. On one hand I cannot believe it’s already been three years, and on the other hand I cannot believe it’s only been three years. I picked up my life in Seattle and moved here with three friends, a few thousand dollars saved by living like it was the great depression for a year, no job, and to an apartment I had never seen in a neighborhood I had never been to before. I got a job in three days, and since then have moved 5 times, not including a stint on some lovely couches during a rough period.

I’ve changed a lot, grown up a lot, and done a lot. But this year I vow to not be so lazy with my life. This is NY, and anything is possible in this crazy, crazy bubble.

Me, now, not doing touristy things like posing in front of the skyline. Just showing off one of the bad side-effects of NY: shopping addition