Happy Anniversary For Me, For You!

Somehow I totally missed that October 7th was a very special day: our anniversary! See, Andrea and I actually started this blog in February of ’07, however it only lasted 4 months due to me going through the biggest change of my life and falling off the face of the earth. Then I got my shiz together and we re-launched in October. So technically we have been blogging for more than a year, but its hard to calculate with the break, so let’s just call it October.

See, I told you, October=Celebration month! Others are also celebrating, so I guess October is a good month to start something new.

So in honor, I’ve given the blog a make-over, which I’ve been itching to do for a while. I may make a few little adjustments here and there along the way as I can never settle.

And now, I will finally share with you my excellent Frye boots and and I finally got a cape! Snatched up in a heartbeat from the most excellent Etsy seller UncommonEye. I love them both to death.

Thank you to all the amazing readers who have kept me motivated, inspired, and lucky to know you all. And most of all, thank you to Andrea, who has taken her turn to drop off the face of the earth, but for the BEST reason ever, and who still stops by all the time to keep me going.