Hello, Weekend

Pig, originally uploaded by feaverish.

I’m quite late in the game today, but I was away from my desk all day for work, so better late than never. I had semi-bad today as Wendy had to undergo emergency surgery for a problem I won’t go into the gross sick-cat details of, and they now think she’ll be just fine, but for a while there we weren’t sure if she was going to make it. Needless to say I wasn’t the happiest camper. You rescue a cat from a place where it’s been in a cage for 6 months, and you’re bound to encounter problems…I just didn’t know it would be this bad. They had to keep her overnight and I miss her terribly. We’ve only had her for a few days but I already love that little lady. I hope she comes back and forgives us for taking her there to undergo a painful traumatic experience.

George Carlin once said “anytime you buy a pet you’re buying a tragedy”. Le sigh.

So to change the downer subject, feaverish has some new very cool macro shots of plastic animals I’m drowning myself in right now.