Until tomorrow…

I’ll return tomorrow with all my full blogging glory, because today I have an immensly fun day of embedding youtube videos into a power point presentation for a coworker which will take me hours upon hours to finish, so I gotta focus. I know, you’re jealous and wondering how I am handed such a task in this go-go design world in NY, and I will tell you that all you have to do is open your big mouth at a meeting that you, in fact, know exactly how to embed said videos. Then, as the words carelessly tumble out of your mouth you will think to yourself, “Oh shit, that is actually the last thing in the universe I want to do”. But it will be too late, and then you will spend all of a Monday, Columbus Day, that a large part of NY gets off, with your hands more than full.

So, friends, all I have for you is a totally awesome photo that Joanna was so kind to include in her Smitten post about readers who love their dads, of my dad and I camping when I was a wee lass. I only wish you could get a better view of the 80’s hair I’m rocking at such a tender age. So. Much. Bangs. And yes, my dad is totally rocking a Coors hat.

See you all tomorrow, AND thank you for all the birthday wishes. I had a fabulous birthday.