7 things to bore you with

Freckle farm tagged me to tell you 7 interesting things about myself. I don’t know how interesting these are, but they are perhaps things you do not know unless you know me off-line. dundunDUUUUNN! Let the spillin’ begin…

1. I check Cute Overload at least twice a day. I am obsessed with adorable animals as they are a fail-proof way of cheering me up from all the bad news out there in this world. Usually I make Billy come look at it at the end of the day and he protests, but really I know he’s glad I make him so he doesn’t have to do it himself and admit to visiting the site on his own will.

my current favorite photo from cute overload

2. When I was in 4th grade I was awarded the Empathy Award out of everyone at my elementary school. I like to pull this out when people tell me I’m too empathetic and trusting of others. I got an award bitches. A completely pointless award so I can be too empathetic and trusting as it is my super power. I have a Captain Planet ring and I point it at the sky: “EMPATHY!”

3. I was a raver in high school. I had pink hair and wore UFO’s and lots of candy to school (raver lingo for plastic bead bracelets, fyi). Semi-proof is here. When people tease me for being low-key these days and not being a big partier, I roll my eyes and say, those days are gone, thankyouverymuch.

4. I am divorced. I’ve kept it a secret from everyone unless I’m very close with them, therefore no one I work with knows this. But I feel that enough time has passed that I don’t care about people knowing anymore so I’m slowly telling people. Everyone is allowed one stupid mistake when they’re young, right? (by mistake I mean getting married, not the relationship itself)

5. I must put my clothes on left to right. This especially goes for socks and shoes. If I watch someone else put their shoes on right to left, I cringe.

6. I have been blogging, in some form, since I was 16 years old (almost 10 years!). I still have a few online friends from my first years of blogging, including Lane. Most of my real-life friends don’t even read this blog!

7. As you may know, I sing. This has always been my first love and passion and were I more of a go-getter, I would have pursued a career in music. When I was 15 years old I was in a local talent show and a smarmy music producer heard me and pulled me aside afterwards to tell me he wanted to make me famous. I signed a deal with him and there are photos of me signing it, so deliriously happy I look like a clown. He had a fancy recording studio that he took me to and I gave him my poetry journal so he could turn them into songs (I know, you may all gag now). Over a few months we recorded some music and he seemed very excited. Then one day he dropped off the face of the earth. Gone. Wouldn’t answer our phone calls. Because my parents were going through a crazy divorce, somewhere in the mix of moving and insanity my signed deal was lost in the shuffle. We had no proof of the deal (I don’t even remember what the hell the deal was, I think 1 demo?) and no way to track him down. Life goes on.
I’d like to think that I’m big in Japan.

I now tag Andrea:)