Happy Birthday, Billy

funny face, originally uploaded by shespeaksoceans.

Happy birthday to the love of my life. To the person who encourages and motivates me, who loves me and respects me more than anyone else ever has, and treats me like a lady as he is the biggest gentleman to ever walk into my life. Not to mention he currently has the best beard I ever saw, can sing all the words to “Horse With No Name”, and has this insane ability to catch anything he drops, mid-air.

Thank you to everyone who voted for Billy’s painting last week, there’s still a few days left, and while he is in the lead, we’d still appreciate more votes just in case!

Also, because it’s pointless to make a separate post and has to do with this photo, I got a new roll of film scanned, with photos from the last few months, and they’re on flickr now.