Happy Half-over Weekend!

Fixing her Hat, originally uploaded by miamizeiss.

Wooooo yesterday was nuts! I didn’t have time for a friday flickr find, so here it is and it’s nearly Sunday. Julia Galdo (remember her?) is shelling out some awesome flickr uploads lately, this is my favorite of this particular series.

My dad and my little brother (it doesn’t matter that he’s 21, he will always be my little brother) are coming tonight in about an hour, the suspense is killing me! So, I’m going to probably be away from blogging Monday-Wednesday for some tourist-y fun. Well, they hate touristy stuff so it will really just be like all my favorite things done at once. I can’t wait. I’ll be sure to take photos so you can see our short family reunion. Ok, my brother is the tallest in the entire family, at 5’8″…

So. Dear Andrea, when are you going to share with the blogging world your latest pregnancy news? HMMMMM?!! What perfect timing, with me being out for 3 days… :)