Leave a note for the future

sad note, originally uploaded by shespeaksoceans.

When I was in highschool I was part of this program at school where you had the same English, science, and history teacher for three years and spent those years with the same kids. They had us write a letter to ourselves that we would read three years later when we were done with the program. I wish so, so badly I still had that letter because I cannot tell you how much my life had changed from 9th grade to 11th. I remember it making me sob with happiness that I was not at that (very bad) place in my life still, and laugh hard at all the things I loved.

Therefore, FutureMe is amazing, but also terrifies me while I try to write a letter to myself that I will read in two years (you can go as low as a day and as far as 30 years! But I picture not having gmail anymore by then and my email will be embedded into my arm or something). I don’t want it to catch me off guard, you know? Life moves very fast.

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