Mimi & Richard Fariña

Sunday I was home alone all day and decided to put my itunes on random. This is a dangerous thing as almost two years ago I lost every single piece of music I owned in the Great Music Disaster of 2007, and I borrowed a few friends ipods and dumped all their music into my itunes library. So occasionally someone’s music will come up that is clearly something nostalgic to them or has some special place in their heart that I just do not identify with and only induces my gag reflex.

So anyway, it’s on random and suddenly this incredible song comes on that I’ve never heard before. It’s so amazing I stop what I’m doing to sit on the couch and listen, perfectly still. Since that moment I haven’t stopped listening to this album, over and over and over and over. Billy came home and I played it for him and even he wants it over and over and over, which kind of blows my mind because he leans rather heavy on the hip-hop side of things. I mean, it’s 60s protest folk music! But so much more. Blues, bluegrass, ohh it’s just amazing.

and Richard Fariña, you are now in my classics folder of music to expose my future kids to.

(side note: Mimi is Joan Baez’s sister. Talented family)

Bold Marauder (Billy gets way excited about this song)

Chrysanthemum (awesome instrumental)