Music still on my mind

In the past week we listened to my Neil Young record, Decade, probably around 20 times. What’s funny is that I turned my dad onto Neil Young despite the fact that it would seem that he’d be the one turning me onto him. But my dad is too young to have gotten into him when he was new, so it’s my duty to expose him to such goodness just like he exposed me to good music when I was a kid. This makes me think about what music I’d want my future kids to be exposed to.

The shortlist:

Neil Young
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin
Chet Baker
Billie Holiday
The Rolling Stones
Nina Simone
Carole King
The Beatles
Jimi Hendrix

(and then I’d add a list of my era of classics, but I’m not sure what those are yet…Radiohead for sure.)

Did your parents expose you to good music? So many people I know that are in their mid twenties and older say they now appreciate the music their parents exposed them to that they hated when they were younger. Actually, a lot of people just plain appreciate their parents more later in life, but I’m specifically talking about music.