Table Lamps

We recently resigned the lease for our apartment (something I have not done in ages at a place!) and our tiny 350 sq ft space is starting to close in on us. It’s very hard to not acquire stuff, but sometimes stuff happens! So for the past few weeks we’ve been doing some winter cleaning, tossing things out and consolidating. We decided that the hanging lamp in our living room not only causes people to smack it when they’re putting their coats on (dangerous), but it cuts in on the tiny living room space too much. So, table lamp, here we come. Here are my top contenders.

top left: Pablo Tube Top table lamp
top right: Lights Up! – Weegee Table Lamp (note: I would buy this guy in a heart beat but in some of the photos the lamp has dark legs, but I can only find the silver leg lamp everywhere. Not a fan of the silver legs.)

bottom left: Vintage Tri Pod Lamp

bottom right: Ada table lamp