Turkey Challenged

whitemeasure, originally uploaded by danske.

This Thursday will be my first Thanksgiving since I was 16 years old that I will eat turkey. Somehow when volunteering up my apartment for a Thanksgiving dinner, it did not dawn on me that it meant I would need to cook a turkey. I was dreaming of those delicious mashed potatoes I make and that rock-star acorn squash I can whip up, not the damn bird.

While a part of me wants to run and hide from the turkey making and force a vegetarian dinner upon my guests, I’m pretty sure they won’t be my friends anymore as meat eaters are not into skipping turkey on thanksgiving. So friends, would you lovely meat eaters like to share an easy turkey recipes or tips with me? Thank the little baby jesus I am only cooking for 4 people, so that makes it much easier, but honestly, I’m clueless! I could just buy a premade one from a restaurant, but that is CHEATING! I will not cheat. Only a little.

I would greatly appreciate any advice.