Miss New York

Ever since I wrote my post about things you may not know about me I’ve realized some things I wish I had shared instead. One is my last name. Maybe you haven’t noticed my email address over there on the right side, or maybe you assumed it wasn’t my full name. Maybe I even emailed you and you thought that my email address was telling you that Kate was my last name. Because, dear friends, my last name is Miss.

After coming across many people in my life who have bad last names, I’ve come to realize I don’t have it that bad. I actually have learned to love my last name, and would never change it or take someone else’s. It’s too unique. But that doesn’t mean that I am not now and was not subjected to teasing my entire life. My email address at work shows up in your inbox as Miss, Kate. When I hand my ID over anywhere, I give the person a quick look and can usually determine whether or not they will crack a joke. The most popular joke is:
“Hey, Miss Miss! Does anyone ever call you that?”
Why no, stranger, no one has ever called me my name before. Never. Is that really what it is? Wow.
Or, “Oh my god! Is that really your last name? Is this a mistake?”
Oh no! My drivers license is wrong? I hadn’t noticed! Thank you for pointing it out to me.

Though, no one gets teased more than my poor brother. For he is Mr. Miss.

Library books on hold for me, prescriptions, reservations, 9 times out of 10 have my name down as Miss Kathleen. I’ve had have 3 credit cards remade because they were wrong. Every other time I go to a doctor I have to resubmit my insurance information because they submit my name backwards. My family has no idea where the name came from, but one guess is that it was something longer and hard to pronounce and when my ancestors came to America, customs just cut it down to Miss. It’s very hard to research. There are 2 other Miss’s in the phonebook that live in New York. Sometimes I think about contacting them, because my grandma did this once when she found a Miss in the mid-west and she met them and they found out she was distantly related to my grandfather!

This all leads me to the point that I want this scarf. Because you know what? I am Miss New York. via Hi + Low