Two Things

blue monday – film 78, originally uploaded by clumsy bird.

Two things:

1. Thank you for all the turkey advice. I ended up making a hybrid of a recipe Andrea sent me and this Alton Brown recipe. It turned out amazing, if I do say so myself, and everyone was happy. I wouldn’t say making a turkey is easy, but I wouldn’t call it hard either. What I would call it is delicious and slightly frightening for a former vegetarian. I made Billy pick the last of it apart yesterday for a turkey noodle soup and even he said it grossed him out. I spent hours laboring over the soup (Grandma’s recommendation) yesterday, which turned out amazing as well. Ok, it actually wasn’t laboring at all, but did require me to be at home for hours, which I’ll use as my excuse for laying around all day.

2. Um, hello H&M Home!! Please, please be available to the US. You look amazing. Via everyone and their mother talking about it. I don’t have a press password so go there for photos.