As ready as I’ll ever be

window, wallpaper, pig, originally uploaded by shespeaksoceans.

Vacation is over, and it was definitely a great one. I made sure to be completely lazy for at least a total of 24 hours (um, and then some..) but also made sure to be productive. Not only am I excited for 2009, I’m ready. Usually I’m bitching and moaning about going back to work right now, but I’m excited to dive back in because I’ve realized in the last few months that I really love my job and I want to keep it*.

I’ve never felt as creative as I have in the last few weeks and I can’t wait to get back to work and to give time to some side projects for myself. I feel good about this year and feel good about the shape of things to come.

Thank you all for being such amazing readers, bloggers, and friends, this blog has given me more confidence and love than I’ve ever received before.

My new years resolution is to just be more optimistic, productive, and to meet more people outside of my computer! Of course I also want to bring you much more quality blogging. Less shopping, more creative. Oh hell, who am I kidding…:)

*fantastic link via swiss miss