The Love book

I’m really excited to announce the release the book Love, that the amazing and talented Samantha Hahn coordinated and designed. I’m so honored and glad she asked me to be a part of it (my spread is below.)

From Samantha:
“I asked 25 artists & writers—each with a distinct style and voice—to submit a piece inspired by their idea of love, and then I published them as a book on blurb, a print-on-demand website. The contributing artists hail from around the world. I knew that each one’s interpretation of love would be singular, but with some profound similarities.

Love is the ideal subject for artists to interpret. We all love, but everyone defines love differently in their minds and hearts. We all love differently and the same. We are connected through love and art.

Love is available through blurb for $16.95 for a softcover, $25.95 for a hardcover with a dust jacket, and $27.95 for hardcover with “image wrap.” It contains 40 pages of incredible art including a couple of pages of amazing writing.”

Kate Miss, originally uploaded by samlovesherdog.

I knew exactly what I wanted to contribute to the book from the get-go, these are two photos I took of Billy when we started dating that illustrate that facination you have with someone when you first fall in love, and continue to feel when your love grows into something more than just infactuation. The way you watch them sleep, get ready in the morning- do simple things that fill you with so much warmth. Now go check out the preview on Blurb of some of the other amazing art in this fantastic book, and remember that this makes a great valentines day gift!