Moscot, to clear my head

I’m walking in a serious fog today. I blame my alarm going off this morning during the strangest dream I have ever had involving cuddling with Chase Crawford on a sinking ship and random characters from The Wire. I don’t even know thing about Chase Crawford as I’ve never seen Gossip Girl before* and he’s way too pretty for me. But in my dream he was like Brad Pitt on a good day and I didn’t even care I was on a sinking ship or that Stringer Bell was clearly plotting my murder because I knew too much.

So I walked to Moscot today, as my new vision insurance just kicked in and my current glasses were purchased kind of hastily and I’m not a huge fan of them. Moscot has, by far, my favorite frames that I’ve seen so far in their Originals collection. I dig the lighter colors a lot.

*I’ve already been lectured on this so don’t even start.

Now a plane has crashed into the Hudson River so clearly I will not be getting anything else done today. wtf, today?