The post where I complain a little

I need to complain about two things:

1. Tropicana’s redesign. What. The. Hell. I saw this a few weeks ago and was completely confused. I thought maybe I had bought some store brand oj and they were knocking off the name somehow. But no, they really redesigned it to look like that. Yesterday I cracked open NY Magazine to their approval matrix and saw that they totally agree. I’m not saying the old design was perfect, but it looked like orange juice packaging! Now it looks like medicine or paint or something.

(you can tell I went to design school by that red circle, huh?)

2. Is it just me or are bathing suits being advertised for way earlier than usual? When I left the house this morning it was 10 degrees. I won’t need a bathing suit for 5 more months.

that is all.