The Very Thought Of You

Do you ever listen to music while you’re walking and pretend you’re in a movie? The last two days I put this on, walk through Manhattan and feel like I’m in a Woody Allen movie’s opening sequence.

Speaking of, I made the best winter mix ever a few weeks ago and have no Muxtape to share it with you (tear). I tried using 8tracks but shit failed on me 17 times so I gave up. Stupid laws and their getting me down.

Blue Ridge Mountains – Fleet Foxes
Sara – Fleetwood Mac
The Narwhal – Amazing Baby
Sand River – Beth Gibbons
Volcano – Beck
Aunt Sara – Nina Simone
Strange Overtones – David Byrne and Brian Eno
Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson
Acid Tongue – Jenny Lewis
Cinnamon Girl – Neil Young
The Very Thought Of You – Billie Holiday
Don’t Fade On Me – Tom Petty