Vicky Christina Barcelona and then some

When Vicky Christina Barcelona first came out I had little interest in seeing it, largely due to my distaste for recent Woody Allen movies. Did you see Melinda and Melinda? Watching Woody speak through Will Ferrel – right down to the hand gestures – made me want to throw my $6 popcorn up. But then the reviews started to make me think it was perhaps worth it, and then Penelope Cruz got so many nods and awards I decided to go for it. While it’s a relatively simple plot, and you have to get over watching a bunch of rich people on a vacation you can only dream of, I loved it. I could put aside my “meh” feelings for Scarlett Johansson, the way Javier Bardem will always be Anton Chigurh to me, and the slight disappointment in no seriously steamy sex scenes (come on, don’t lie, we were all wanting a little of that) and just enjoy it. I will say that 70% of the reason I liked it was for Penelope. Oh, Penelope, how I love thee.

It’s not a perfect movie, but I recommend it for something a little different. Also, can we please go to Barcelona? Like, right now? It’s sleeting out right now, I’m done with it.

In other news, do any of you watch or did you watch The Wire? I’m currently knee-deep in it (almost done with season 4 and we only started watching it over Christmas) and I just found out that the character Snoop is Snoop in real life! They use her real name (and nickname), and she was a real drug dealer from Baltimore. She even went to prison for killing someone (in self defense, allegedly). Michael K Williams (Omar) found her in a bar in Baltimore and knew she would be perfect for the show. The show turned her life around. This is the best thing I have heard, ever. Read an interesting article about it here.

Ok, I’m done rambling today.