Back in action, Mirah is my savior

Mirah’s new album, (A)spera, has been the amazing soundtrack to my madness* the last few days. I missed you, dear, four years without a solo album from you had me forgetting how much I bow down to you.

* as much as I wish I could have taken your advice to relax yesterday, my break was due to being so busy I couldn’t hardly catch my breath. Worked til 9, came home, sat back down and shoveled pizza in my mouth while working on freelance til 1am. But I like having those kinds of days every few weeks, it feels good and I sleep better. Plus we finished The Wire this weekend (tear) so what else do I have to do with my life?

Also, because so many of you have asked, my camera is effed and I have to send it to Canon to be fixed. After a lot of research it seems to not be a problem exclusive to my camera, and though I’m not sure what the problem is, it sounds like it was just damaged during shipment or just has a random fluke. Thank god for warranties…