Have a great weekend

Dead Air Space, originally uploaded by Elif Sanem Karakoc.

Have a great weekend, everyone! My friend Caleb’s birthday is tomorrow and I’m planning on baking him the most fattening, stomach-ache inducing cookies I can possibly make as he weighs 20 lbs without trying. I might as well not plan on eating until dinner tomorrow as I will be eating half the batter, as always.

I can’t watch BSG tonight (it’s my dream for a bar in my neighborhood to play it every Friday) so please ladies, no spoilers until it’s online!

And for all The Wire fantatics, I listened to an amazing interview from a few years ago with Ed Burns on NPR that Micah recommended. So. Effing. Good.

Over at Truant this weekend, as always!

Also, thank you for the warm welcome of the new “Bits of My Weekend” series I’m going to do here. I’ve always wanted to do something reoccuring here. I can’t wait to bring you more!