just a little pink

From Guest Blogger: Andrea
So much has happened since my last post, which was ages ago now. Most notably, I only have five more weeks until my due date! It’s hard to believe we’re going to be meeting this tiny person so soon. We’ve all been busily preparing her nursery and gathering the necessary supplies to make our lives a little easier in the coming months. I’ve heard the nesting instinct is supposed to kick in only a few days before baby arrives, but I’ve had it for months! So, without further ado, I present the first photos of our baby girl’s nursery:

We decided on Dwell Studio’s Geometry pattern instead of Dragonfly. I really loved Dragonfly, but Geometry suited our home and design aesthetic better. Since we were on a budget, IKEA gets credit for most of the furnishings: crib, nightstand, chair and rug. To add a little retro charm, we gave our mid-century 3-drawer dresser a fresh coat of paint and are using it as the changing table. I was amazed at how perfectly the changing pad fit!

I searched and searched for a vintage danish rocking chair, but was unsuccessful (within our price range). We ended up with the Poang chair from IKEA, which gets points for being both modern and comfortable. I must confess, it’s not my favorite chair design because it will always scream IKEA to me. Hopefully the sheepskin throw and crib quilt give it some new life and character. Rick painted the built in drawers white and added new knobs from Anthropologie to match the green accent wall.

Above the crib are my two favorite things, prints by Sharon Montrose and a custom Mobile from Frazier and Wing! Heather Frazier was a delight to work with, and isn’t it amazing what she can do with cut paper? The bunny that currently occupies her crib is from a dear friend. It felt too strange having an empty crib, but I guess that won’t be for long!