perhaps I should have said "do not care for"

Dear readers,

I had no idea that tying in a joking rant about hating pigeons with an awesome pigeon shirt would cause such a stir! I don’t really hate pigeons, I save my hate for much more important things. Obviously I do not really think they are spawn from garbage as that is a belief right up there with unicorns. I am annoyed by pigeons, but I would never hurt them or start some type of pigeon hating club where I go out protest against them and yell that pigeons need to get a job and stop flying in front of me with their spray of dust mites. Waking up to emails telling me what a hateful animal hater I am is not the way to start the day!

I am a sarcastic person and I hold real hate for very little things. I don’t even kill spiders! Part of me tells myself to just shake it off because I know this of myself, but I’ve always been someone who hate hate hates people being mad at me when I feel the need to explain myself. You are all entitled to your opinions and to tell me off, but I just wanted you to know I was not being very serious. I guess I will shelf my “I really do not care for ferrets after one tried to claw my face off” rant.

I suppose I should email this back to the people who said they’d never read my blog again, but oh well. You win some, you lose some.