Weekend, here I come

photo by the always awesome moxiee

This weekend I am very excited for:

– Going to Dia: Beacon again! We’re taking the train for a one-day trip this time for a less stressful version, and I’m super excited.
– Picking up my new camera after work!! Thank you all for you recommendations, you helped a lot. A few of you mentioned the Canon XS that I’d had my eye on, so it helped me make the decision. I’m so excited to take it to Beacon and test it out.
– Battlestar Galactica tonight! Oh my god can I take a moment to nerd out on you? The last episode was so intense I nearly peed my pants, so I’m super excited to go watch it tonight at a friends house (who has a tv and cable, ooohh) and get my nerd on.
– 3 day weekend! Need I say more?

We get out at 1 today so I’m cutting today short. Have a great weekend, everyone!