Bits Of My Weekend

My Canon is off getting fixed, so I kicked my ass in gear to finish a roll of film in my film camera to have for this post instead. This should really be titled “bits of my weekends the last couple months”. Flickr kind of ruins the subtle colors of these photos and just makes them kind of redish looking, but oh wells.

and then I found some old lomo scans on a cd I never got to from 3 years ago!

This weekend I had a (thankfully brief) cold, but I met some amazing bloggers for brunch, (finally Joanna, in the flesh!) and put a serious dent in a new redesign of my portfolio site. I’m not looking for a new job or anything, I just think it’s something I shouldn’t neglect so much! I want to take one more challenges in 2009, some people I’ve met lately have inspired me to not be so damn lazy!