Happy Weekend!

Jeremy + Sheree, originally uploaded by moes.

I am so excited to walk around the city until my feet fall off tomorrow in the sweet, sweet sunshine. I forsee lots of wonderful picture taking opportunities (hopefully.)

As a side note for those who care about this SUPER IMPORTANT topic, I didn’t end up getting this jacket because after seeing it in person, I was not impressed. Jennifer, you were totally right, the fabric was not what I thought it would be. It felt like fake silk – like I would be a walking ’80s music video. So I was defeated in the jacket search again until today, when my tax return came at the same time that I found an awesome vintage jacket at Nasty Gal for half the price of the Pixie Market one. I also bought these sandals, which I’m pumped about.

(end of important topic)

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend! I have so many awesome drawings and booklets in the works right now it makes my heart race with creative excitement. Part of me wants to cancel on my friends tonight to go home and sew booklets, but that would be crossing a nerd line.