Have A Sunny Weekend!

, originally uploaded by fetie.

Ahhhh what a wonderful sweat filled weekend I have ahead of me! (the weekend forcast is 85). Part of me loves the sun, but let me tell you, I’m a 70 and sunny kind of girl, and I prefer it to not get any hotter unless I’m laying on the beach. I wither like a flower, I bitch and moan and get dizzy in anything above 80, and I’m mildly allergic to air conditioning. Basically I’m that nerdy child everyone rolls their eyes at. I caused my entire kindergarden class to leave a farm once because I got violently ill from the smell of the cows. Yeah. Hot New York sidewalk garbage, you are my enemy.

Anyway, thanks for the fantastic response to the upcoming Etsy shop! I am going to try my damn hardest to get those necklaces to work out to sell, but until then there will be other lovely things. I’m hoping it’s a success as I would really like to buy 87 pairs of those Swedish sandals.

Also this makes me fall of my chair and save fashion makes me squeal with excitement.

See you monday, friends!