Hello, Rainy Friday

Mountain View, originally uploaded by tommy forbes.

Blogging hasn’t been top of mind the last two days due to various things, and right now one reason is that I’m giving blood for the first time (if I qualify) in 30 minutes and I’m TERRIFIED and can’t think of anything else today! I am scared of blood and needles and small spaces (those vans creep me out), but my dad and step mom give blood all the time and make me feel lame for not just bucking up and doing it. So when the sign up sheet made its rounds, and I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and put my name on the list.
It’s a stupid thing to be scared of when it’s so simple, yet beneficial to so many people. I am such a baby.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend, and here’s a funny story:

This very rainy morning a woman was walking down the street in front of me with this GIANT golf umbrella (a very popular way to piss off other New Yorkers) and she hit this guy right in the face with it while walking by him. The guy freaked out, grabbed her umbrella, and THREW it onto Houston st (a very, very busy street you do not want your umbrella thrown on). It was sad, but also hilarious as I’ve wanted to do that myself so many, many times.

UPDATED, Thank you all for your very encouraging comments, but I was totally disqualified from giving blood! Apparently I should stop paying for sex. JUST KIDDING GRANDPA, PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A DISAPPROVING EMAIL TO ME, THAT DRAWING ON FLICKR WITH THE F WORD WAS JUST A JOKE, EVERYTHING IS A-OK!
They still gave me a t-shirt and cupcake for coming down, heck yes. The nice nurse told me to eat some meat, have some babies, and come back later.