Let’s Eat

Not only does spring make me feel more creative, it makes me feel more modivated to cook. I made learning how to cook a priority last summer, and last night Billy said he could now say I was better than him at cooking (it was slow going). Making this task easier in my life are some awesome food blogs I love lately:

Design Crush’s “The Daily Eat” feature on her blog is a daily recipe found on the web that never dissapoints. I’m dreaming about this pineapple pie.

Everyone is talking about Everybody Likes Sandwiches, and I’m a devoted follower as well now. I appreciate the simplicity this blog brings to cooking because that’s what I’m all about (aka: lazy).

I met Kelly of eatmakeread at a blogger meet-up earlier this year and have been following her blog ever since. Besides sharing awesome recipes, she’s really funny, a highly appreciated blogging trait. Tonight I would like to drink 4 or more of these blood orange margaritas.