new sandals and a necklace

new sandals, originally uploaded by shespeaksoceans.

My new jeffrey cambell sandals came, and they are fantastic (Wendy gives them the thumbs up too even though she doesn’t have thumbs. amazing). I wore them to the laundromat last night for a test drive, and they are soft like butter and the soles are super comfy. Well worth the more-than-I-usually-spend-on-sandals amount I paid.

And and and, I got some new embroidery floss in fabulous peachy colors, so I made a new necklace, and a bracelet. I want to make more for the upcoming Etsy shop, but they are not super sturdy and come unraveled a bit on the ends. I need to remedy this before selling them because I will feel super bad about selling you shoddy necklaces.

I’m a busy bee today at work so I’m signing off today.