Because we all need a laugh at 6pm

Do you guys know what ChaCha is? It’s this amazing service that you can text a question to, and it will text you back (a real person) an answer! At work we talk about it a lot, and have tested it to see how good it is. Someone at work just sent around her favorite questions that they have posted on their site. I just fell off my chair laughing.

Question If I hate everything about him why do I love him
Answer That is just the way life is sometimes. You hate him so much but for some unknown, even to you, reason you love him. Good luck with your
relationship. ChaCha!

Question What is the best weed you can buy in Idaho
Answer If you can get your hands on sour diesel that’s probably the best you can get.

Question What is a shoe fetus
Answer Did you mean shoe fetish?

Question Who is Blake of Tom’s Shoes dating
Answer He is gay. He is dating Ashton Kutcher. Thanks for using ChaCha!

ps. The Weekly What What is coming either late tonight, or tomorrow! Busy am I.