For Me, For You at the Prospect Park Craft Fair

UPDATE: the website I posted earlier had the WRONG date! That was for 2008. It’s not Sunday, it’s Saturday! Oi vey. Sorry for the confusion if you were planning on going.

This Saturday in Brooklyn, some of my prints and booklets will be for sale at the Prospect Park Craft Fair! See my work, along with others, at the Mabee Works booth, a great company my friends Emily and Chris run.

The photo above is possibly the worst photo I have ever taken in my life, but it’s dark, my apartment is small, and you get the idea. Below are two new pieces I’ve made recently for this series. This all leads into my Etsy shop opening, but that won’t happen until I get back from vacation on the 19th, because it would be lame of me to open a shop, be open for one week, and then go on vacation. Jewelry will come later! I need to concentrate on one thing at a time.

(both photos were taken with my film camera)

So yes, Saturday 10am-5pm. Info is here. I will be stopping by at some point so perhaps we’ll run into each other?