New Music

Two albums on repeat today, after I decided I needed to give Dark Was The Night a rest before the people around me made me by use of force. The latest from Iron & Wine, Around The Well, a collection of rare and never before heard songs. This is like Iron & Wine porn for fanatics like me. All my itunes download is missing is a fold-out poster of Sam Beam to put on my wall and stare at while I listen to to the album and cry. Just kidding.

Here he is live singing “Love Vigalantes”

Next up, Au Revoir Simone’s new album, Still Night, Still Light, which I know I already mentioned, but now it’s out and I’ve listed to it all and love love love it. Their sound has matured, but is still sweet and dancable. Their music still reminds me of summer and new york city.

Here they are live playing my favorite song off the album, “Shadows” that doesn’t have a video released yet. You can hear the song on their myspace page.

And this is not new at all, but I’d never seen this video before and my friend Carl showed it to me over the weekend. Some classic Talking Heads. Turn it up and proceed to dance. This song is the best. Ever.