A bad day for icons

When I was a tot my mom would put Michael Jackson on the record player, and no matter where I was in the house I’d drop what I was doing and dance. Apparently it was like a party trick for my parents. Watch Kate dance to Michael Jackson. I don’t dare dance in public these days, but if he comes on when I have itunes on random, I will indeed drop everything to dance. Ask Billy. So while it honestly felt like he had been gone for a long time already, I’m saddened by his departure from this world, and sad that Farrah had to go on the same day. I’m blown away by the massive instant reaction from everyone – people everywhere on the streets were talking about it on my walk home. Let’s all just drop what we’re doing and dance to my favorite Michael Jackson song on earth. Farrah would have, I bet.

You can’t embed the music video, so here’s the mp3 to crank up. But seriously, go watch the video. How sexy was he?