Bits Of My Weekend

Jewelry making class (so much fun), spending over an hour in the jewelry supply store with Lauren and spending WAY to much money on supplies, Flight of the Concords mania (why did it take me this long to join the fanatics?), eating at the same Vietnamese restaurant twice in 24 hours, Manhattenhege seeking (couldn’t get to the right street for a perfect picture though, but I like how the top photo turned out), Long Island City open studios where Jesse Eisenberg came into our friend’s studio and hung out for a bit looking at his paintings (I just stood there frozen, not knowing what to say as I was so star struck, I LOVE him!).

This weekend I tried to be a little more selective in photo taking, after I nearly filled my entire hardrive up because of all the picture taking lately. I take so many photos that end up not being good enough to upload, and I’m a digital pack-rat, so I needed to put an end to that!

I can’t believe it’s June. Wow. Also, I’m so happy Andrea dropped by with a post yesterday! Love those pillows.

ps. If you want to know more about what’s going on in my photos, you can read more about them (and sometimes see more that doesn’t make the bits of my weekend cut) on my flickr page!