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Today, at the end of week 3, I broke the shopping ban and bought an iPhone. I agonized over needing a new phone for a month, and at the same time, my ipod battery started only lasting for two hours. I looked at every phone in existence. I can probably tell you more about cellphones that you will ever need to know now. But when it came down to it, my next billing cycle with T-Mobile was coming up, and I just WENT for it because this is the phone I’ve wanted all along. I thought of you, dear readers, and your support and nice comments about how you too were going to go on a ban, and I felt bad.

But, I will say that I have not purchased a single piece of clothing or accessories (which was the problem in the first place) and the phone was kind of a necessity because my current one requires me to hit the 7 key 3 times before it registers. But I still feel bad, so I’m extending the ban through July, and really my goal is to not buy any clothing all summer if I can stand it.

I’m going to an event for work now so this is my only (lame) post for today, tomorrow I’ll make up for it!