The Great Summer Shopping Ban of 2009

Let’s look at some pretty pictures, shall we?

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Yesterday I started my painful at-least-one-month-long SHOPPING BAN!

I will only allow myself to buy supplies for my shop, food, and drug store necessities. And entertainment (like movie tickets, etc) because experiences are better than products.

Lately my shopping has gotten out of hand! Oh my god! I signed up at to help my finances and it had this jaw dropping effect on me when it organized my purchases by shopping vs bills, etc. WHOA!

So I’m going to cut down on the shopping posts to help me (but not too much, a girl can dream, maybe more totally unobtainable things so it’s not even tempting?), and to help those of you who have left me love/hate notes like “I just bought everything at that store, I hate you!” I know, I hate me too!

So let’s just look at these pretty pictures. I’m going to focus less energy on buy buy buying and more energy on love love loving what I have and what’s around me. One of my coworkers went on a shopping ban for AN ENTIRE YEAR! Holy cow! If she can do a year, I can do a month or two. My savings account hasn’t seen a deposit in a while, I’m going to give the little guy the boost he needs.