The Great Swimsuit Hunt

I hate that bathing suit shopping season begins before actual bathing suit season. They’re in stores (the few that actually stock them) for like, one month, and all the good ones are snatched up and never replenished. Buying them in nyc is make it more impossible too. Ordering one online has always made me nervous as I have a very long torso, no boobs, and a little more junk in the trunk than most people with boobs as small (non existent?) as mine. I know, TMI. But after a few recommendations and endless searching, I bit the bullet and bought this cutie on mod cloth. I wanted that cute one from j crew, but alas I was too late. It was a toss-up between this and this one on Urban Outfitter’s site, but this one ties at the top and seemed to have more coverage. I’m classy like that.

ps. Why are bathing suits so expensive when you only wear them like, 4 times? Why does hardly anyone sell retro-style suits when every girl I know wants one? Why is that an untapped cheap style? Old Navy, I’m looking at you to fix this.

This ramble was brought to you by allergy medicine.