Have a (hopefully) sunny weekend!

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I’m having a little déjà vu writing this, but this weekend I’m hoping and praying for just one day without rain. And that day better be tomorrow. I’m going to Governor’s Island to take pictures of my pretty friend Anneliis, and if it rains I DON’T GIVE A DAMN. I will just hold an umbrella over my camera and we’ll just get wet and I will spend a day outside for once.

A few random things I didn’t have time to blog about this week:

Though a total luxury, I’m so in love with this Chandelier (you were right, Mandi!)

White Hart Lane is a super cute online Aussie magazine. I like their bit on men with beards, swoon Bon Ivar! Can I add Robin Pecknold to that list? Mmmmmm. Speaking of, download a new Fleet Foxes song recorded live.

I want this jade colored nail polish!

Have a great weekend everyone!