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I’m not going to lie, this week totally ate away at my sanity. I’m sure that if you hear one more New Yorker bitch about the rain you are going to shove an umbrella down someone’s throat to shut them up – but OH MY GOD not only the rain, but the endless grey skies! I cant even enjoy green lushness during the rain like I could in the Northwest. So while I have not really snapped out of it yet, I’m going to try with all my might this weekend.

I leave you with this video, which I have Emily to thank for finding it on hulu. I was searching youtube like a crazy person a few weeks ago for it, and magically she tweeted it (good lord I hate that adjective) today. It’s my favorite snl skit of all time. This helps me snap out of it a bit! And so do these little guys right here.

(non-US peeps: the skit is Gap Girls! You might be able to find it elsewhere if you google it)