All New For Me, For You Necklaces In Stock!

Ladies and gents, the shop is now updated! 20 new necklaces for your wearing enjoyment.

Thank you to everyone for your support and love, and especially to Billy for putting up with me for the past month. I used every single one of my supplies down to the last inch of chain, so I cannot accept any special requests or orders after these are gone.

UPDATE: Whoa. You guys are crazy, everything sold out in 15 minutes. I have an inbox full of angry people who put necklaces in their cart and had them snatched away when they didn’t act fast enough! Sorry, guys, out of my hands! I really, really do need a little break from the necklaces, but I’m going to throw out the guess that I’ll be updating the shop again in late August. I have a full time job, freelance gigs on the side, and it’s just not possible for me to keep the shop stocked right now. Plus, don’t you like them being a little more special like that? :) Thanks again, friends. I’m hoping to ship everything out tomorrow if I somehow take on superwoman powers and hire Billy to help me tonight.