Bits Of My Weekend

Saw (500) Days of Summmer (loved it, but it wasn’t amazing by any means), got an awesome vintage lamp for my “office” (8th photo down), spent 3/4 of my weekend hunched over my desk in said “office” finishing the necklaces and then photographing them all and then editing them all (oh god I’m so ready for you to TAKE THESE AWAY FROM ME!), Billy pried me away from my desk twice – once to go to Bushwick for pizza with friends, and then Sunday for an afternoon at the beach. I’m a little sunburnt and my stomach is mad at me for eating Pringles for lunch, but it was a good time. I’m a little low on sleep and a bit behind on other freelance projects and being a good girlfriend, but I’m excited for the shop update this afternoon and proud of myself for somehow churning these babies out. I’m also looking forward to a real weekend next weekend. You know, the kind with sleeping til 11.